Me & My Miao Miao - Everything you need to know about this tiny lifesaver of mine.

In order for me to tell you how me and my Miao Miao became partners in crime, I feel I need to start at the beginning...or at least, somewhere before I made the decision to buy one.

I was struggling with my blood sugar control, I was in the middle of a basal insulin changeover. My sugars were erratic, I was still getting used to my new ratios and patterns. I was barely on my new insulin for a week before tackling that dreaded monthly menstruation. Wow. Well, I cannot even tell you how much worse things got. In the space of that week, my severe hypos and constant rollercoaster sugars put me in a state of anxiety and panic.

As things stabilised with my new basal insulin, I was still left with an every day sense of anxiety and I was having panic attacks daily whenever my Libre showed an arrow down. I wasn't sleeping. I was testing multiple times overnight...scared of having a hypo that I wouldn't catch. I was scanning my Libre 24/7 to make sure I wasn't even remotely close to being low.

I realised things had to change, and I had read about the Miao Miao online so I took a gamble and bought one. I admit the price made me debate the purchase for a while. The cost of shipping to the UK was also off putting...but eventually I figured, if it buys me one night of'd be worth the money.


I waited almost a month for it to come. I was beginning to think it was a scam as my tracking number wasn't working (or at least it wasn't in a language I could read) but sure enough, it was delivered safely to my front door.

It's safe to say, that there hasn't been ONE NIGHT where I've gone to sleep without it since.

I've compiled a review of all my thoughts on the Miao Miao and I think you'll find them interesting!


The effect it has had on my anxiety has been life changing. I stopped focusing so much on scanning every 5 minutes and trusted that my low alarms would alert me when needed.

And they did. Using the Tomato app on the I-phone, the graph can be set to a 3hr view, so a decrease in my levels didn't look so drastic, the way they sometimes do on the Libre. I stopped trying to feel symptoms of a low all the time I trust my body and if my MM hasn’t buzzed at me, it’s likely that I’m not low and it’s my anxiety playing up. It forced me to be calm, and listen to my body.

SLEEP and all the zzzz's

Sleeping went from something I feared to something I am so much more comfortable with. Knowing that the device sounds an alarm if i'm high or low puts my mind at ease. The alarm for a high is high pitched sound and lets just say I've never slept through one... The alarm for a low is more harsh like a warning siren...again, it definitely wakes me up when I hear it. I like that the alarms for high/low are different.

BLUETOOTH and Accuracy

I have found that the accuracy during the first 24/48 hours of a new paired Libre can be shoddy and I definitely suggest double checking and calibrating the Miao Miao during the first day. On the Tomato app you can calibrate (after a short warm-up period where you cannot) very easily.

After the first 24hrs the accuracy is pretty impressive and almost always close to spot on with the Libre! The bluetooth is generally very good, my only negative is that it can sometimes cut out meaning the MiaoMiao disconnects, and it doesn't warn you when this happens. It's annoying, especially when you finally re-connect and it tells you you've been high for an hour. For me, it doesn't happen too many times so I make sure I check every now and again. When this happens, the number shows with a strike through it. To fix this, I turn off my bluetooth, and turn it back on. It re-connects on its own.


The MM is basically just over the size of another Libre. The size is small and it’s super light so once I’ve stuck it on I barely notice it’s there. The sticky pads that come with it are AMAZING so peel away with care when you are removing from your skin because they are strong! The battery life is great! I charge it rarely, but I've noticed the accuracy can suffer when you get less than 25% battery so that's usually when I charge it.


I like that I can adjust my high/low thresholds so I can customise just which alarms I use.

The MM has a standard high alarm for when you are over 13.9mmol (250) or a low alarm for when you are under 3.9mmol (70).

For me, I prefer a lower high alarm and a higher low alarm, simply because it gives me time to act and avoids me going lower as my Libre can sometimes be 5minutes behind my actual blood sugar.

This way I can tailor the alarms to exactly what I need them to be using my thresholds.

PRICE to buy or not to buy

It's expensive. I'm not going to lie, it was the main reason I debated so long about getting one. I like to know that what I'm paying for is worth the money, and with this I was flying blind. I had read some reviews but at the time it was still fairly new and I just wasn't sure if it was all even legit. My gamble paid off and I swear by it now. So much so, that I'd never now go to sleep without it.

All in all I think this tiny additional device for the Libre is SO worth the money I spent on it. The simple fact that it's played a huge role in reducing my anxiety and hypo fear, has made it a purchase that I would definitely make again. Granted, the disconnecting bluetooth and shoddy first day accuracy can be annoying, but the positives for me, severely outweigh the negatives.

Since purchasing my Miao Miao, a Miao Miao 2 has been released, which is supposed to have better accuracy, battery life and is also smaller. So far, I'm happy with the OG Miao Miao; which also happens to be cheaper now that the new one is out, and since I bought one myself, they've given me a code that gives you a little discount too!

If you'd like 10$ off your purchase of a Miao Miao follow the link:

So there you have it. Me, my Miao Miao and my Libre have become the ultimate dream team and I really hope this review has cleared up any questions or concerns that you had been wondering about. I'd love to hear about your experience with a Miao Miao or if you're thinking of getting one. Comment below....I'd love to hear from you. If you've got questions...just ask ! I will do my best to answer :)

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