Hi & Welcome!

Hi All! If you’re reading this it means you’ve taken the time to find your way here…and that makes me super happy!

You’ll have to bear with me on this journey of mine…I’ve been wanting to create a blog, a safe space, a place to talk for a while now but in all honestly the minute I sat down to write I realised I didn’t really know what I was doing! I think I will get better at it…or at least I hope that’ll be the case.

I’m a graphic designer so I like to make things pretty….frankly I think that’s why my blog’s will take me so long. I’ll be writing about anything and everything I encounter during this life with diabetes. That means, you don’t need to be diabetic to be here! It’s a crazy ol’ life this is….so I’m almost certain you’ll find something interesting.

For just over a year now, I’ve been posting openly about my life with diabetes on Instagram, and it’s led me on one hell of a journey. It has completely transformed me.

I look back at who I was before I finally made my peace with this huge part of my life, and she’s definitely not somebody I want to be again.

I owe it to so many people, so many accounts, so many sources….and if I can be one of these people for YOU or someone you know, or if you learn something here one day, then the work that’s gone into this blog will have been worth it.

If you know of anyone who’d enjoy / benefit / be interested in my blog…send, share, and subscribe. I’m hoping you won’t be disappointed.

Glad you’re here,

Cristiana x

Superhero name: t1diabetica :)

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